Chillin’ Out

After all the excitement yesterday, it’s a good day to just chill out.  Weatherman says the temperature is going to be up near 70 — can’t beat that! BTW, a friend posted a pic on Facebook that elicited a comment to the effect that driving all the way to Charlotte yesterday for barbecue seemed excessive. […]

On the Trail of Great Food

[Bear face, Happening This Week, Mood] The thought was striking me that, when I was in chemo 20 years ago, my sense of taste got all screwed up.  Food I really loved tasted nasty — a weird metallic undertone to everything.  I had to learn how to cook all over again, which I did with […]

Bad News

On Friday, we went back over to Pomona Primary Care and were told the early results of the scan were in and that it looked like PapaBear had a mass in his kidney. The PA said it probably meant PapaBear had cancer and that he’d probably lose his kidney.  Since the urologist had access to […]

It began with a scary infection

PapaBear had been having problems with his urinary system, which prompted a visit to Pomona Primary Care Services folks.  They prescribed Cipro (an antibiotic) and fitted him out with a catheter. After a week of dealing with the catheter and its attendant problems, one of the Physician’s Assistants decided it would be a good idea […]