Chillin’ Out

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After all the excitement yesterday, it’s a good day to just chill out.  Weatherman says the temperature is going to be up near 70 — can’t beat that!

BTW, a friend posted a pic on Facebook that elicited a comment to the effect that driving all the way to Charlotte yesterday for barbecue seemed excessive.

Oh, hell, no!

Sometimes, the journey is part of the joy. 

Yesterday’s excursion was not just about having barbecue.  It was what we called in my misspent youth a Road Trip.  Deciding to go on a Road Trip was fun.  Driving down there with a motley crew of PapaBear, Kimmy, and Poogan was fun.  Driving back with PapaBear taking a nap in the back seat and K & P talking trash in the front seat was fun.  It didn’t really matter if the food was any good — it was a Road Trip and that justifies itself.

Besides, Sonny’s Barbecue is always fabulous and well worth any trip, with or without company on a Road Trip.

And that is not the farthest we’ve ever traveled on a Road Trip.

  • In 1988, I flew to San Francisco for dinner.
  • In 2000, I flew to Dublin for dinner.  I admit it was part of a 10-day general trip to London, but the whole point was just having dinner with someone I’d chatted with online for months.
  • In 2003, PapaBear flew and took a BritRail train trip to attend a munch.  (Might have gotten that name wrong, but PapaBear won a prize for “Traveled Farthest”.)
  • Just last December (2018), Lynne and I took Amtrak to Washington, DC to see her fave performer Puddles’ Pity Party at the Kennedy Center.

By comparison, an hour or so on an Interstate to have lunch is no big thing.

But their brisket on garlic toast really is the bomb.

— Poogan