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The thought was striking me that, when I was in chemo 20 years ago, my sense of taste got all screwed up.  Food I really loved tasted nasty — a weird metallic undertone to everything.  I had to learn how to cook all over again, which I did with the help of a little cookbook published by the American Cancer Society.  (Just discovered I still have that book after all these years.)

Now, PapaBear’s immunotherapy is not the same as my chemo, but there’s a non-zero probability his tastebuds will get all confused by the chemicals and his digestive system will go insane.

So, it seems reasonable to go have celebration meals at some of our favorite restaurants before the therapy begins.

I don’t know if we’ll have time to hit them all, but top ranked on our list are:

  • Azteca Mexican Restaurant here in Greensboro. Gringo dip and some delicious tacos are definitely in order.
  • Sonny’s Barbecue down by Charlotte.  Best barbecue in North Carolina.  (That stuff y’all call barbecue is Not Good.)
  • Popeye’s Chicken at the TA Truck Stop on I-40 (between GSO and Burlington).  PapaBear does love that chicken from Popeyes.
  • Mythos Greek here in Greensboro.  PapaBear has been indulging my love for gyros at Mythos since before we moved to GSO.  His preference seems to be a Greek version of spaghetti or a Mythos Club Sandwich.


There are other places we go to and like very much, but these are the ones that deserve to be Road Trips.

Company’s always welcome, so if you have a hankering for a good time and some great food, come on down.

— Poogan