Bad News

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On Friday, we went back over to Pomona Primary Care and were told the early results of the scan were in and that it looked like PapaBear had a mass in his kidney. The PA said it probably meant PapaBear had cancer and that he’d probably lose his kidney.  Since the urologist had access to PapaBear’s chart, we were told he’d give us more information on Monday when we saw him.

Devastating news.

The weekend was pretty bad.

If you’ve ever had cancer or been close to someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, you know that it’s hard to take in what the medical person is saying.  And it takes quite a while to adjust to the news and figure out What’s Next.

I did have breast cancer 20 years ago, so I was able to reach back to that time and assure PapaBear that it was going to be rocky at first, but he’d feel much better once we met with specialists and they told us exactly what was happening and what they planned to do to help.

Since we got the news on a Friday afternoon, we had two whole days to wonder and worry and fret before we could get in to see the urologist.

NOTE TO MEDICAL PERSONNEL:  Don’t ever ever ever ever ever give someone a diagnosis of anything you can’t fix yourself.  If you aren’t going to be the one who makes the plan for proceeding, your helpful, uninformed diagnosis does no good whatsoever and might do some harm if the specialist who is going to be handling things might disagree with what you’ve said.

REALLY IMPORTANT NOTE TO MEDICAL PERSONNEL:  Never ever ever ever ever give a patient bad news on a Friday afternoon unless you intend to take action right away.  All you’re doing is giving the person something to worry about when he or she can’t do anything about it and doesn’t know what’s happening.  Keep your mouth shut if you don’t have a plan for immediate action.