It began with a scary infection

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PapaBear had been having problems with his urinary system, which prompted a visit to Pomona Primary Care Services folks.  They prescribed Cipro (an antibiotic) and fitted him out with a catheter.

After a week of dealing with the catheter and its attendant problems, one of the Physician’s Assistants decided it would be a good idea to get a CT scan to see if there was something happening that explained the ongoing problems.  They also scheduled a visit with a urologist who would be better suited to diagnose what was wrong.

Wesley Long Radiology fit us into their busy schedule on Thursday, March 3, and we headed over there to see what was up.

Because we were late additions to the sked, we had to wait about 2 hours until PapaBear could be seen.  (Fortunately, the Cone Health System generally seems to recognize that many patients are big people, so their waiting rooms are usually comfy and have seating that accommodate big butts like Poogan’s.)

The scan itself took about 20 minutes.  PapaBear’s review was that it didn’t hurt and everyone was very nice.