What's Happening This Week?

This week’s a busy one.  

MONDAY:  PapaBear goes to Wesley Cone Radiology for two CAT scans (one with contrast and one without), then gets an MRI.  

These will help his oncologist “stage” his cancer and have a baseline photo against which he can determine what effect the immunotherapy is having.

TUESDAY:  PapaBear begins his immunotherapy bright and early (check in at 8:15).

WEDNESDAY:  Taking it easy and seeing how he reacts to the therapy.

Stay tuned and check the daily posts below to get the latest updates on what’s happening with PapaBear.


This Week's News

Chillin’ Out

After all the excitement yesterday, it’s a good day to just chill out.  Weatherman says the temperature is going to be up near 70 —

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Bad News

On Friday, we went back over to Pomona Primary Care and were told the early results of the scan were in and that it looked

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